Choosing Green Equipment for Government Sector Projects

Choosing Green Equipment for Government Sector Projects

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When working on large-scale Government projects there are many factors to consider in order to make them a success. Not only do you have vast quantities of plans, documents, workers, materials, vehicles and equipment, there are also tight deadlines to meet as well as budgets. Working in green equipment to become an integral part of a Government project is vitally important in the modern age, and utilising the experience, know-how and fleet of a plant hire company with the ability to provide sustainable and green machinery could be the vital cog that is needed.

There are a multiple of large Government agencies and local councils that require support and assistance for projects that include building, maintaining and supporting schools, hospitals, local authorities and infrastructure, supporting the military, NHS Trusts and the education sector. Having in place the right equipment for each project, and on a micro-level for each task, is vital to its success. Anything related to Government spending comes under intense scrutiny from the people and the press. Anyone working on the project has to deliver high standards and genuine value considering that the money will be coming from the taxpayer. You have to ensure that the public money is being well spent!

Working alongside a plant hire company that believes in sustainability and a green approach to their services is a great way to work on government projects. The first element to consider is the fleet available to you when choosing which company to work with. A green plant hire company will delivery vehicles, equipment and machinery that has an improved fuel economy and cuts the carbon footprint of the project dramatically. You should be looking to choose Tier 4i rated machines for Government projects, complying with the very latest regulations regarding the environment.

Another benefit to working alongside a green plant hire company for government sector projects is that not only should the machinery and vehicles be fuel efficient and with an eye on the next generation of green machines, but also their delivery and maintenance comes through a sustainable approach. By that we mean a dedicated account manager and delivery teams that have been equipped with state of the art tech that reduces paperwork and cuts out the need for wasteful resources and timing issues. As far as maintenance is concerned, a forward thinking, green inclined plant hire company will use state of the art telematics to keep an accurate track of equipment and be able to identify and fix faults as soon as they appear. This helps to reduce down time and make machines more efficient.

As you can see there are a lot of pressures associated with working on big Government projects or with agencies, NHS Trusts, the military, the education sector and local authorities. Being able to deliver a solid service, utilising green equipment through a specialist plant hire company can help to bring projects in on time and on budget. This is vitally important when you are weighing up the success of a project that has been funded by the taxpayer.


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