Content Marketing Best Practices

Content Marketing Best Practices

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In the digital world, content is the king. How you create and promote content is what determines your success. This means just having a team that is constantly churning out content is not enough. You will need a marketer with an in-depth content marketing know-how to help you promote this content and gain visibility.

Here are a few content marketing best practices that you can follow irrespective of whether you are a B2B company or a B2C.

Create Content For Targeted Audience

The golden rule of content is that it should be relevant for the audience. It should be aligned to their purchasing cycle. However, not all of them is going to be at the same stage in the buying journey. So as a content marketer you should be identify the key stages of this buying journey, what the content’s objective should be at each of these stages, and how you are going to push them forward to the next stage using content. The content should be focused on the psychological aspects of customers at each stage.

Deliver Value without Boasting

Nothing irks a customer more than self-promotional content that does nothing but boast about oneself. So prepare content that is not promoting your brand but is answering the questions of the customer and delivering value. Remember every piece of content is an interaction that your brand is having with them. So ensure that each interaction delivers value and does not engage in self-promotion.

Create Content Distribution Plan

Just like all type of content is not ideal for all types of audience, it is also not ideal for kind of channels. Your content team would be generating sales relevant content and marketing relevant content. Each of these will be ideal for different kind of channels. So you should be creating a distribution strategy that takes into account what channels will be used, what content will be distributed on each of these channels, and at what frequency.

Drive Conversions

A seasoned digital marketer will tell you that a person’s content journey is a mirror image of his customer journey. This means, the real objective of your content should be to turn a prospect into a customer. This conversion will not happen overnight. So your content should subtly nudge the prospect from one stage of buying journey to the next up to the point where a sales opportunity becomes visible.

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