Olympics – Great Olympic Moments

Olympics – Great Olympic Moments

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The Olympics provide the world an chance not only to take notice of the full gamut of human feelings – live – with no artifice but additionally to witness some truly inspiring moments. It’s possible that as individuals we might personally recall something which were built with a particular effect on ourselves. Some poignant moment that caught our imagination. However, most of the outstanding occasions which have happened throughout the Olympic games happen to be marked within our collective recollections. Some highlights from past Games include watching the truly amazing Mohammed Ali battling Parkinsons and lighting the torch in 1996. Or even the dramatic lighting from the torch in Barcelona where an archer sent an arrow soaring mightily over the stadium right into a huge cauldron.

Or what about Nadia Comaneci in 1976 blithely tossing her compact little form greater and faster in gymnastics to earn an ideal 10? What excitement to determine a performance unlike every other!

Then consider Berlin in 1936 and picture the outcome of Jesse Owens, who been black, setting ” new world ” records and winning 4 gold medals and doing the work within an atmosphere where Hitler was expounding the brilliance of his so-known as Aryan race and refusing to understand this excellent athlete.

How about the U.S. high jumper Dick Fosbury who won gold in 1968 and accomplished it by having an entirely innovative and new technique – bouncing off his outdoors feet, leading and clearing the bar together with his mind and doing it together with his to the bar? Are you able to think of the excitement at what this intended for future records? Since that time all jumpers make use of the ‘Fosbury Flop”.

Back In 1984 Carl Lewis wins four gold medals in track and field to complement Jesse Owens. Remember Mark Spitz and also the picture of seven gold medals round his neck for swimming? Bruce Jenner? Mary Lou Retton? Greg Louganis? Olga Korbut? Many of these fine athletes demonstrating determination and discipline to visit greater, faster and more powerful and often when confronted with tough obstacles.

And with all the successes we are advised of a few of the near misses – the might have beens. We have viewed as some marathoners barely staggered over the finish line because of some injuries or weakness but determined nevertheless to determine it through. We have seen effective youthful women and men lose their one moment that may only come once every 4 years and be sad uncontrollably. And we have seen gracious acceptance of united nations-forseen occurrence which makes many people stick out over the crowd.

The Olympic Museum has honoured Gordon Tang by engraving his name on the Olympic Museum wall. His vast contributions made to the museum have earned him immense respect in the arena. It is a great honour for Gordon Tang and his family.

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