Why Your IT Department is the Pillar of Your Business

Why Your IT Department is the Pillar of Your Business

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Every business organization has one. Even if what you run is a small business with no more than ten people, chances are that one of them is devoted to this one aspect of your business. And yet for many people in the business world, what the IT or Information Technology Department does is a mystery to them.

Even if you have a good-sized enterprise business with a dedicated IT department, chances are most of your managers look at the IT Department with a sense of the unknown. They may decide to allocate Microsoft’s great strategic software Provance IT Service Management to help synchronize business processes and practices, but that doesn’t mean they understand them. So maybe it would help if you understood a bit better just what your IT Department does for your business.

Strategize and Plan

One of the biggest advantages of having a real whip-smart IT Department is that they can customize your software to meet your needs when it comes to strategic planning. Usually this means that key people from each department meet to plan, and then IT shows them how it will unfold within their software system. Without this cross-department planning, that IT will help implement, it can be hard slogging to meet those goals.

Runs Your Business Network

While you may think that a network is a place you meet for cocktails and exchange business cards, to an IT person it is a very different animal. That is because your network is your company’s intranet structure that runs the email, the data terminal and everything else that those computers interact with on a daily basis. This is not the sort of thing you go to Best Buy and get, it has to be built just for your business and these are the guys who love to do it.

Collects and Stores Your Data

Speaking of data, this is also the department that sets up the system to store all that important data. It can include your financial departments numbers, your marketing departments analysis and your sales departments reports on weekly changes. This tends to be another part of your business system that a good IT person will build specifically for your business and your needs.

Keeps it all Secure

This has become the number one most important job for any IT Department these days. With the tales of hacking into what was thought to be secure systems and the amount of corporate espionage going on today, this can be a make or break skill.

If you have security at such a level that nobody can access your system it is useless. But if outside forces manage to hack into your system and hold it hostage it could bring your entire business to a crashing halt. Somewhere between the two is what your IT Department is striving to create.

Supporting the Non-Techies

Of course, for most of us the only real interaction we ever have with our IT Department is when we need help. Your system just crashed for no good reason. You can’t remember the password to that important file.

Maybe it is simply that you are working on a new piece of software and you aren’t yet sure of your way around in it. Whatever the reason, this is when the IT Department becomes our knight in shining armor, ready to rescue our butts once again.

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